“40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life”

·         We transform lives! ·         We shape the destiny! ·         We link education with career! Careerlinked Education Councilis anapex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Government of India for making policies and planning at the national level to bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies. The Council has developed authentic, appropriate and effective career development tools and learning management systems to cultivate a culture of “ career by choice, not by chance ” . We are embedding career in education. We began to reinvent career education from the ground level; starting with few assumptions: that the career decision-making services available to students at school/college are virtually non-existent and pathetically ineffective. Perhaps approx. 94% of us are in the wrong career or under-employed. This includes people who have failed to find a suitable career and others who are in the job that only partially fits their talents, interests

5 Good Study Habits For Your Career

Good Study habits How can I stop being distracted from my studying? How do I acquire the willpower to continue studying even when I find it tedious and unrewarding? Success in dealing with these problems can be achieved by asking yourself a few very basic questions: (1) What are my current study patterns? – are they likely to support studying or to disrupt it? (2) When I study, do I clearly define what I want to achieve in that study session? And (3) How can I motivate myself to study? The following sections explain how to answer these questions and should enable you to construct your own efficient and effective study plan. 1.What are my current study patterns? It is quite likely that your current study patterns have developed in a rather haphazard way. This includes where you study, when you study and how long you study for. You need to be fully aware of these patterns before you can change them effectively. 1.1     Am I aware of how much I s

Career in Psychology

Career in Psychology Psychologists use scientific methods to study the factors that influence the way people think, feel and learn. They help people overcome challenges and improve different aspects of their lives. People deal with various challenges such as relationship problems, eating disorders, learning problems, substance abuse, parenting issues, and even managing the effects of chronic illness. A psychologist’s duties include collecting information through observations, interviews, surveys and other methods. S/he researches and identifies emotional patterns, and writes articles, research papers, and reports to share findings and educate others. It is also a psychologist’s job to come up with an individualised treatment plan for each patient and to modify it as necessary over time depending on the patient’s progress. What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors. They can prescribe medications and they